Upper Saranac is the name of a hamlet near the Saranac Inn, the large, historic, but now defunct lodging there; confusingly, it is also called Saranac Inn. There is also an Upper Saranac Association.

Upper Saranac Lake is sometimes referred to simply as Upper Saranac.

Frederick J. Seaver, Historical Sketches of Franklin County, Albany, NY: J. B. Lyon Co., 1918, Chapter XX

At Saranac Inn, or Upper Saranac as it is sometimes called, there is no business except that of the State fish hatchery and that of the hotel, which was erected about 1859 or 1860 by James S. Hough... It is one of the most attractively located resorts in the wilderness, on high land at the head of Upper Saranac lake, and overlooking that water. There are sixteen fine cottages connected with the hotel, owned by the association, and a number more in the vicinity, on the shores of the lake, that are individually owned and occupied as summer camps. The hotel will accommodate about two hundred and fifty guests... Perhaps a hundred people comprise the hotel force or reside near the place. Fifty years ago, when the voters here numbered hardly more than half a dozen, their polling place was at Brandon Center, distant by highway something like seventy miles. It is unnecessary to add that they were not accustomed to exercise the elective franchise except in a Presidential year, and not all of them always even then. About thirty-five years ago the locality was made a separate polling place.