The Vermontville Post Office was located in the Rogers Store for 78 years before a new Post Office was built in 1980.

A complete history (with pictures) of the Vermontville Post Office is given in Volume IV of the Town of Franklin journal, "They Told Me So." The article also lists postmasters in small post offices that were discontinued over the years.

For example, the Merrillsville Post Office started in 1837, changed to Hunters' Home [the Paul Smith family's hotel] in 1858, changed back to Merrillsville in 1858, and eventually became Loon Lake in 1882.

Alder Brook, Ozonia, and Sugar Bush were discontinued at different times, and their mail was sent to Loon Lake. Then in 1966, service to Loon Lake was discontinued, and mail went to Vermontville.

Similarly, the Lake Kushaqua post office began in 1894, went through name changes, and discontinued service in 1957 when the mail went to Onchiota. Onchiota postal service began in 1897, became Pine Park in 1912, returned to Onchiota in 1915 and was discontinued in 1990. Mail now goes to Vermontville. Vermontville is the only surviving post office in the Town of Franklin.

From "Ville & Dale," by Martha (Tyler) and Floyd John, Adirondack Daily Enterprise, June 3, 2000.