Victor Hugo was an assistant at the Saranac Laboratory.

Henry Ives Baldwin wrote of him in an episode entitled The Devil's Own Sunday School Class: "After a few other episodes that were acutely distressing to the Sunday School Superintendent, [our class of small boys was] transferred to the kitchen where it was believed we would be less disturbing. A man teacher, by the improbable name of Victor Hugo was placed in charge, and it was assumed that discipline and order would be preserved if not religious education. Victor Hugo was a lovable chap, one of my father's devoted assistants at the Saranac Laboratory, but he was too mild-mannered to achieve complete serenity. During his tenure we devoted considerable attention to redecoration of the kitchen in a manner hardly in keeping with ecclesiastical form. The cook stove was given a coat of white paint which gave off a wondrous perfume when fired up for the church social and when Lyall Delamater threw the box of black pepper at Ed Horton when he was running out in the main room to escape Vic, and the pepper box landed on the hot stove our good old pagan god Pandemonium reigned once more."