View Street is a short street that runs south from Lake Street on the side of Blood Hill.

Old Address Post-911 Address Cottage Name Cure Evidence/Notes
Starts at Lake Street
View Street   J.B. Bannock TBSWC
View Street   Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Butler TBSWC
9 View Street   Brannock Cottage TBSBC, DIS (1911, 1929)
16 View Street 106 View Street Baroness Halcott Cottage


Home of Sarah Phelps Stokes Halkett

21 View Street 31 View Street Sloan Cottage

W. Lee Knight Cottage,


Other names associated with cure cottages on View Street that come from TB Society Disinfection Records, but for which we have no street numbers are: Hartlove Cottage (1912), Brooks Cottage (1913), Rue Cottage (1931).