Born: 1845

Died: 1926

Married: Jesse M., born C. 1869

Children: Hazel Fowler

William Smith Fowler was a liveryman and blacksmith who owned Fowler's Livery and was also a quite active real estate speculator and developer. Over a period of years, Fowler bought much of the land between the Saranac River and Main Street and Broadway that Anna O. Miller had inherited from her grandfather, Captain Pliny Miller. Fowler built the Fowler Block on a portion of this land in 1900. His livery was at 2 Broadway; in 1910, he sold it to William H. Jack.

Other major Saranac Lake properties built on land owned at one time by W. Smith Fowler include the McIntyre Block, sold in 1889, and the Kendall Building, sold in 1890, eighteen days after Fowler bought it from Anna Miller. He owned a farm on Lake Flower Avenue that he called Spion Kop, where the building that is known to most people as the  Will Rogers Hospital was later built.

A very young Hazel Fowler was Winter Carnival queen in 1898, swathed in furs and drawn in a handsome sleigh. The float also served to advertise Fowler's Livery.

Fowler is buried in Pine Ridge Cemetery. Hazel A. Thompson (1892-1957) is buried nearby, with James D. Thompson. It seems likely that she is Hazel Fowler.

Plattsburgh Sentinel, April 26, 1901

—W. S. Fowler, our leading liveryman, is expected home this week from the South, where he has been a vacation for nearly six weeks.