Nine of the 25 members of the Saranac Lake High School class of 1916 would soon serve in some capacity in the war. The names of those recognized on Church Street’s World War I Memorial for their service are asterisked.

Exhibit panels were designed by Karen Davidson, Davidson Designs, Lake Placid. Gibson Ramsay

John Dolan*

Henry Collins,* Class President

George Tremble*

Dorchester Everett*

Second row

Marian Bigelow

Mildred Stewart

Mary Carey

Miss Van Buskirk

Muriel Elliott

Mareline Forster

Katherine Dolan, Valedictorian

Third row

Evelyn Munn

Carrie Homburger, Salutarian

Pauline Hastings

Gerald Wilson

Dorothy Selfridge

Irene De Lisle

Back row

Phelps Bigelow

Nelson Johnson*

Harold Buckley*

Arthur Garwood*

Richard Croake*

Ralph Coleman*

Walter Duffy, Sr.

The Draft Before 1917, many young men, eager to serve, signed up as ambulance drivers in Europe, or crossed the border to serve in the Canadian Army. Once the U.S. entered the war, there was a rush to enlist, but still more men were needed. On June 5, 1917, the first registration for the draft was held, for all men between the ages of 21 and 31. The draft ensured that many boys who graduated high school in 1916 or before would serve in World War One.

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