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Walter H. Cluett was a member of the Cluett family of Cluett, Peabody & Company in Troy, New York, manufacturer of Arrow Shirts.

He founded Duryee & Company in 1909 with George V.W. Duryee and Eddy Whitby, which specialized in renting properties to prominent or prosperous health seekers and summer vacationers. The same three men organized the Rockledge Company to build Saranac Lake's second exclusive subdivision. Walter Cluett had been instrumental in hiring the Olmsted Brothers firm to prepare the village improvement plan, and the same firm was retained the following year to lay out a subdivision plan. Located on 73 acres of Colonel Milote Baker's farm, Rockledge included almost all the land between East Pine Street and the Saranac River, in addition to a quarter of Moody Pond. It was laid out in fifty lots ranging from 1/3 acre to three acres in size. Physically separated from the village center by Helen Hill - although no farther than Highland Park - the area seemed remote and was slow to develop. Only six houses had been built on Rockledge Road by World War II.

Cluett founded the Saranac Lake Boys' Club in 1914, and founded the Saranac Lake Curling Club.

From Saranac Lake 1888-1918

New York Times, July 17, 1910


Walter H. Cluett Laying Out a Country Place Near Baker Mountain.

Special to The New York Times.

SARANAC LAKE, N. Y., July 16.—Of the large Summer colony at Saranac Lake many are active members of the new country club, which has leased the clubhouse and grounds of the erstwhile Ampersand Golf Club on Lower Saranac Lake. Dr. Joseph Longworth Nichols, President of the club, with his bride, has returned from a European tour and is staying at the Nichols mansion in Highland Park.

Walter H. Cluett of Troy is developing a fine country place, Rock Ledge, near the base of Baker Mountain, and has a landscape gardener in charge of the spacious grounds.

Dr. N. B. Leggett of New York is a Summer visitor here, and is occupying the Westhoff villa.

Isaac R. Pennypacker of Philadelphia has taken one of the large Larom cottages on Highland Park, which adjoins the Summer home of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel L. Shober, also of Philadelphia.

A. Page Watson of New York has the Colonial cottage on Main Street, and Mrs. John W. Harrison of New York has the Bogie cottage. Other prominent members of the cottage contingent are Mrs. Albert H. Rosengarten of Philadelphia, at The Pines; H. M. Carleton of Brooklyn, at the Lee cottage, Old Military Road; W. M. Kendall at the McClellan cottage, and Mrs. Rosamond H. Owen of New York at the Schelling cottage.


Lake Placid News, June 1, 1923


Rockledge, on the side of Mt. Baker just outside Saranac Lake, the home for some years of Walter H. Cluett has been sold to Gerald Jackson of New York. Mr. Cluett is a member of the firm of Cluett, Peabodv & Co, of Troy.