The Taft Papyrus Watertown Connecticut, May 1, 1925 The Weld Camp was a tutoring camp on Lake Clear owned by Charles and Garfield Weld, two brother who taught at the prestigious Taft School of Watertown, Connecticut. Garfield M. Weld taught mathematics at the Taft School, and Charles taught English. The Summer camp operated on the north shore of Lake Clear from 1912 to at least the late 1930s. During the summers, the entire Weld family lived at the camp. Advertisements for the camp give the contact person as Charles B. Weld.  Garfield Weld died in 1933. 1 After WWII, Charles and his wife Ethel closed the tutoring camp and ran Weld's On Lake Clear as a summer camp for families.

In 1964, the camp was sold to the Girl Scouts, who already owned property adjacent to the Weld Camp. 

Theodore Peete was said to have been caretaker at the camp for fifty years.

The Taft Papyrus Watertown Connecticut, October 17, 1924


Miss Lowry and Miss Cowap Hope to Continue Venture Next Year

To those boys who did not attend Mr. Weld's Camp at Lake Clear, last summer, it will be interesting to know that Miss Frances and Miss Cowap ran a tea-room directly opposite the camp, across Lake Clear. As this tea-room was merely a venture, the variety of food served was more or less limited, but what was served was excellently cooked. The situation was not particularly favorable, being, as it was, near the wrong end of a blind road. The Taft boys, however, patronized the place well. Miss Frances says that both she and Miss Cowap were well pleased with their summer in the Adirondacks, and that they plan on running another next year, but hope to secure a more favorable position. They wish to thank the Taft boys for their loyalty.

Adirondack Daily Enterprise, August 16, 1952

Dr. and Mrs. Jerome Hart and their daughter, Susan, of Baltimore, Md., have arrived to spend the remainder of the month the Weld Camp on Lake Clear.

Adirondack Daily Enterprise, May 20, 1953


By MRS. GEORGE CARLEY SR. Enterprise Correspondent

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Weld have arrived from Watertown, Conn., to open their camp on Lake Clear.



1. Vermont Women's History Project, Florence Duncan Weld (1883 - 1965)