Western Auto was located at 42-44 Main Street. At one point it was reportedly operated by Trowbridge Harris.

Adirondack Daily Enterprise, January 24, 1966

George Stearns Sells Western Auto Store

The Western Auto Associate Store at 44 Main Street in Saranac Lake, a home and auto accessory store, has been sold by George L. Stearns to Loring Andrews, 30, of Jackson Heights.

Mr. Andrews, who is an engineer, will move to Saranac Lake on Jan. 31, and the transfer of the store's ownership is expected to take place about Feb. 7.

Mr. Stearns, a former member of the village board. will remain in Saranac Lake.

Mr. Andrews has purchased a home through Ward Leahy at 8 Circle Street, a house formerly belonging to Gerald Laba. The Andrews have two small children, both under school age.