A letter from Wilbur F. Beckett published in part in "Our Town", Adirondack Daily Enterprise, June 18, 1952

"At the suggestion of Dr. Frank A. Craig, of Philadelphia, I came to Saranac Lake on Aug. 2, 1923. I was directed to Dr. J. Woods Price's office and he became my physician. He secured for me a home with Mr. and Mrs. George C. Sageman at 32 Park avenue. I remained with them until April 1924. As my physician, Dr. Price immediately deprived me of any active exercise, and I have wondered many times if he still is practicing medicine in your city. I found very little trouble in adjusting myself to a new mode of living . . .

"We had a fine group of folks in the home, which of course helped. I recall a few of them: Mrs. McClary of Canada, and Miss Crash of northern N.Y. were both R.N.'s from Johns Hopkins in Baltimore. There was a Dr. Ivo Kuhn of Belgrade. Also Mrs. Helen Trotman, a public school teacher of Haddonfield, N.J., a Bill Powers from Cleveland, Ohio, and a Miss Anna Cooper, who was secretary at the Y.W.C.A. in Washington, D.C. Also Miss Ida Stackpol of Bridgewater, Maine, and John J. Whipple of N. Y. City, later a member o£ Wood, Low and Co., in N. Y.

"I remember there were three Sageman boys, and I think the youngest was named Bradley. I came back to Saranac Lake for a check-up in 1925, and stayed for three months. I was 84 years old last February and I am still active. My wife is 81, and we have been married 57 years . . ."