Wilbur Mussen worked for the Mountain Home Telephone Company.

Johnstown Daily Republican, May 10, 1909

…As fine a mess of trout as has been seen here in a.long time was on exhibition last Monday in the window of F. C. Lamy, in Broadway. There were sixteen speckled beauties, one-and one-half to three pounds. These were part of a catch aggregating 67 pounds in weight made in “Big Ampersand Pond” on the first and second days of the season by a party of five from Saranac Lake--F. C. Lamy and his son, Edmund and Ernest, Wilber Mussen and Felix Delisle. The trout shown in Mr. Lamy's window was the share belonging to  him and his sons…

Lake Placid News, February 20, 1914

Wilbur Mussen. of the Mountain Home Telephone Company was at Hiawatha Lodge last Friday evening.