Died: c. April 15, 1929



William A. Way was involved in Charles Griffith's Old Time Shop at 48 Main Street in the mid-1920s.

Lake Placid News, April 12, 1929

William A. Way, business man of Saranac Lake, died last week following a long illness. Born in New York city he moved with his parents at early age to England where he was educated. He engaged in the antique business in London and later in New York. Failing health brought him here in 1914.

Way became associated with the late C. H. E. Griffith in conducting an old time shop after two years of rest. He continued to conduct the business after the death of his partner. In 1927 he moved his shop to Hotel Saranac. H. S. Eckart purchased the business a few weeks ago.

Way was a member of the Saranac Lake club [Saranac Club?], the chamber of commerce and the Stevenson Society of America. He served for a time as treasurer of the last named organization. A sister, Miss Kate Way, New York, and two brothers, George and Thomas Way, London, survive. The body was taken to New York for funeral and burial services.