Born: 1864

Died: 1942

Married: Marie Hamell

Children: Pauline, Elizabeth, Fred V. Betters, Orville Betters, James, Richard, Winifred and Lillian; two more died in infancy

Chiefly known for: He ran Kiwassa Farm between 1900 and 1920.

Malone Farmer, June 16, 1909

William Betters, of Saranac Lake, either knows when a revolver is empty or else has little fear for such a weapon. He was discovered prowling around the Jones cottage at Saranac Lake one night recently, and Stephen Chalmers, a magazine writer who occupies a tent on the premises, covered him with a revolver as he was found crouching near the tent. Mrs. Jones said she would call the police while Chalmers held the intruder, but the latter jumped to his feet and run in spite of Chalmer's gun, which was not loaded. Chalmers followed, calling that he would shoot but Betters paid no attention to the ominous words. Chalmers was clad in pajamas and other pajama-clad figures, hearing the rumpus, joined in the chase. Betters was finally captured and turned over to the police. He is now enjoying a 30-day vacation at the sheriff's boarding house in Malone. The Saranac Lake police say he has been guilty of peeping into windows and annoying people generally.

Malone Farmer, March 7, 1917


William H. Moore, Republican, was re-elected supervisor, of Harrietstown, over John Harding, Dem., by 249 majority. For town clerk, Pasho, Dem., was elected by 41. The Democrats also elected William Betters superintendent of highways, by 85. Arthur Walker, Rep., was elected collector by 223. The town went wet on all propositions by majorities of 86 to 319, as follows: Saloons, 85; stores, 112: pharmacists, 319, hotels, 139.

Malone Farmer, October 3, 1917

William Betters, of Saranac Lake, has been committed to the Elizabethtown jail to await the action of the grand jury on a charge of third degree burglary for going into Francis Cantwell's home when nobody was there and prowling around the place all afternoon. When Mrs. Cantwell and her maid returned he was heard in the shed and a little later walked into the kitchen. He was requested to leave but lingered around and was finally driven off by a bull-dog. Then he went to another house and hid under the floor, where he was finally found. The only thing reported missing from the Cantwell house was 50 cents from the pocket of a sweater belonging to the maid.