Born: May 19, 1844, in Jay

Died: December 6, 1925

Married: Rose Pratt

Children: Mrs. N. A. Cronk

William E. Ring, one of the earliest of the Adirondack guides, passed away at his home at No. 110 River street at 11:45 o'clock last night at the age of 81 years. Heart trouble was given as the cause of his death.

Funeral services will be held Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock in the home which Mr. Ring built 45 years ago and where he has lived continuously since that time.

Mr. Ring had been in poor health for the last year and especially since his return to his home here following the season at the Upper Saranac lake camp of J. R. Sheffield, where he has been employed as a guide for upwards of [20?] years.

Born at Jay on May 19, 1844, the son of George and Betsy Johnson Ring, William E. Ring came to Saranac Lake at the age of nine years, in the year 1853, and made this village his home from then until his death.

He was married in [1866?] to Rose Pratt of Lewis, N.Y., and a few years later built the home on River street that sheltered for so many years all that he held dear.

As a pioneer guide and woodsman, he lived a greater part of his life in the woods. For many years he was the guide and companion of the late Dr. Edward Livingston Trudeau. Many other distinguished visitors to the Adirondacks were numbered among those [illegible] to the secrets of forest life by William Ring.

His was the kind of a life that led to high character and kindliness of soul, and those favored [illegible] "Billy" Ring. He was one of the few remaining [illegible] school of Adirondack guides, a group of men who more than anyone else, through their love of the woods and all they contained made this mountain country the playground it is today.

The Saranac Lake of his boyhood was a mere collection of rough shacks. He lived to see the thriving city-like community of today and played a small part in creating the values that made for its growth and popularity.

He was a member of the Methodist Episcopal church of this village. As an active member of the Adirondack Guides Association he helped to establish for that organization the prestige it enjoyed [illegible] . . . daughter, Mrs. N. A. Cronk of 119 [?] River street, and a granddaughter, Mrs. B. B. Little of Charlotte, Vt., Mrs. Anna Glover of Saranac Lake . . .