Born: 1875

Died: 1921

Married: Mary Morgan

Children: Dr. Edward Mulflur, William F. Mulflur, Jr., Walter Mulflur

William F. Mulflur

From Philip Gallos' article on the Mulflur Building:

William Mulflur had come to Saranac Lake, in 1899, a dying man. As Elizabeth (Kennedy) LaTour remembers, "They said he wouldn't last two months, but he lived for years and had four children and a shoestore."

He married Mary Morgan in 1901 and went into the shoe business in 1910, being probably the first ground floor occupant at the Exchange. Following William Mulflur's death in 1921 and the sale of the Exchange, Mary Mulflur purchased 84 Main Street to be the new site for the Mulflur store which she and her son, William, Jr., would operate [but see Comments, below]. Within two years she had the old Post Office building replaced with the present, three-story, brick and red block structure. It was designed by Paul Jacquet who had married Marie Callanan of the Branch and Callanan contracting firm; but the builder and bricklayer was Frank Tagliabue, an independent whose headquarters was on lower Woodruff Street.

Adirondack Daily Enterprise, July 3, 1992

Four generations of Mulflurs will celebrate family history in Saranac Lake this weekend. Led by patriarch Walter Mulflur (born 1907 at 54 Bloomingdale Avenue) and his wife Geraldine, the family will tour its history through Saranac Lake including the site of the William Mulflur store, and former residences at 54 Bloomingdale Avenue and 25 Riverside Drive.

Thanks to the Village Manager Richard DePuy, the returning Mulflurs can see the Mulflur Road street sign at its intersection with Lake Street.

Returnees to Saranac include: Bill Mulflur, wife Happy, three children and their families from Oregon; Msgn. John Pendergast, Rouses Point; Kathy Pendergast, a Saranac resident, and children from Ireland; Joan Drum and Peggy Kinville and families from New York and Florida (both are daughters of Dr. Edward Mulflur); Joe Mulflur, wife Janet, and six children and their families from Indiana, Texas and Louisiana; Jim Mulflur, Dallas, Texas; and Kay Markey and family, of New York.

After a Thursday night treat to Bill Smith's Adirondack Tales, the family will adjourn for some serious tall tales at Dr. Edward Mulflur's Hoel Pond camp on Friday and Saturday.

Lake Placid News"], August 14"], 1914

A most enjoyable dance was given by Mr. and Mrs. William Mulflur at their home in Bloomingdale avenue Wednesday evening. Among those present were Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mannix. Mr. and Mrs. John R. Hogan, Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Kennedy, Mr. and Mrs. B. B. Flint, Mr. and Mrs. John C. Morgan, Mr. and Mrs. D. E. Dwyer, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Lytle, Mrs. Delaney, Miss McGregor, and the Misses Imogene and Aileen Russell, Marion Hogan, Marie and Elsie Ryan, Katherine Kanary, Emma Leary, Florence Kelly, Blanche O'Neil Katherine and Maude Collins"], the Misses White, and St. Clair Russell, Andrew Callanan, Richard Lapan, Fred Finnegan, Ray Grant, Walter Weir and Harold Collins.


As a member or members, William F. Mulflur and his wife, Mary, were named in the sale of Pontiac Club property to the Saranac Lake Boys' Club, Inc., in 1917.


2011-10-23 01:20:47   My Grandmother was Kathleen Mulflur married to Edward M. Pendergast. I hope that the next time there is a reunion I am included. Debbie Burwell. Sounds like fun. —

2011-10-23 08:03:59   Interesting. Kathy Pendergast was married to an Edward Pendergast. —Mwanner