William J. Munn tombstone in Pine Ridge Cemetery

Born: 1869

Died: 1932



William J. Munn was one of the Munn Brothers.

Excerpted from an article on the Fowler Block by Philip Gallos.

In October, 1909, W. Smith and Jessie Fowler sold the Fowler Block to William J. and Matthew M. Munn.

On the ground floor of the building, these two Munns, with their brother Albert, opened the Munn Brothers' Grocery. It was a large and successful business — so much so that most older residents call 76 Main Street the "Munn Block".

The Munns’ was the first grocery in the village to have walk-in coolers, and they had a fleet of three delivery trucks.

In June of 1925, the Munns sold the Fowler Block to John S. Ridenour, publisher of the Adirondack Enterprise, who bought the building as an investment.