Below is an informal list of the many World War II Veterans (those who served in any capacity) from the Saranac Lake area. Note the separate list of veterans from the town of Brighton, below.

This page list more than 1300 veterans of World War II. It should be fairly complete. Please add any names of veterans that are missing— using the Comments box at the end is the easiest way.

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Town of Brighton - Service Roll of Honor — World War II

Donald F. Abare Neil F. Meagher
Eugene L. Abare Edgar Mose
Lawrence E. Abare Clayton F. Muller *
Sydney Abare James M. Muncil
Roger Benton Robert A. Muncil
Emery Benware Robert D. Muncil
Stuart J. Betters Hollis E. Murphy
Earl H. Blanchard Harold Lovell Newell *
Ralph Blanchard Loren C. Newell *
Joseph E. Block Charles Odell
Hubert E. Brulliea Joshua Otis
George H. Buckley, Jr. Kenneth N. Otis
Lockwood F. Buckley Henry Perrino
Robert A. Carr Lawrence R. Quain
Charles E. Catchman Tharon Tyler Probert
Clement E. Collins Leon Redwood
Karl F. Connors Charles Riley
Walter J. Connors James J. B. Riley
Lloyd Crary Paul G. Rochester
Harold Crary Philip R. Rogers
Newell Crary Charles A. Rork
Vernon Crary Clarence A. Rork
William B. Davidson Philip J. Rork
William G. Davidson James R. Rork
James R. Davidson Charington F. Sawyer
Kenneth B. Drumm * Ernest J. Sawyer
Helen M. Farrise * Gordon Sawyer, Sawyer
Harold E. Farrise * Leo Glenster F. Sawyer
James V. Farrise William C. Shackett
Carl Farrar, Jr. Leon Shanty
Arnold R. Finlayson Charles W. Simpson
Robert C. Flanders Edward H. Slavin
John J. Fountain, Flynn * David E. Smith
Clayton K. Peter Smith
Leo F. Garvey Henry H. Stern
Francis A. Goodman Muriel Stern
Robert A. Gallagher Zelma Stern
George E. Gonyea David B. Stern
John A. Hourihan Tim Sweet
Marston Jaquis William L. Sweet
Martin Jaquis William N. Sweet
Robert A. Jaquis Clarence E. Symonds
James R. Kelly Lloyd J. Symonds
Michael A. Kenny William Titus, Jr.
James B. Kirkbride Harry S. Traynor
Earl T. LeMay Lawrence G. Traynor
Harold J. LaMay Raymond N. Traynor *
Louis H. LaMay Gordon E. Tyler
Albert E. Lester John H. Tyler
Raymond F. Lester Richard D. Vivlamore
Vaughn H. Lester Robert E. Vivlamore
Earl W. Martin Oscar L. Wheeler
Harold E. Martin Ralph J. Wilson
Leander J. Martin Wilbur F. Yelle

* - Died in service

From The Brighton Story

See also

Adirondack Daily Enterprise, March 12, 1948

Suggests Making S.L. Model Village As Vet Memorial

The making of Saranac Lake into a model village, on the order of Williamsburg, Va., as a living memorial to veterans of World War II was advanced by Dr. Arthur Vorwald at a recent meeting of the board of directors of the Saranac Lake Chamber of Commerce.

Dr. Vorwald, pointing out that the New York state legislature is considering a memorial in some form to the veterans of this recent war, encouraged the Chamber to bring its suggestion before the body before another had been acted upon.

Pointing out that the Whiteface Memorial Highway, World War I memorial of the State, is not a living thing, the Navy veteran urged that a model village in the Adirondacks in honor of World War II veterans would be "a living memorial in the interests of peace."

That a project of this sort, supported by the State, would beautify the village is undeniable, he asserted. In addition, he gave three major appeals for a memorial of this type:

1. It would be a living memorial to the World War II veterans.

2. The memorial would be located in the center of the playground area of New York state, an area which the State is keenly interested in developing.

3. Being a health community, the veterans could come to improve their health as well as play.

Dr. Vorwald also pointed out that the suggestion, if accepted by the legislature, would place the second war's memorial near that of the first, so that they might compliment each other.

Williamsburg, located in Virginia, was restored to its original beauty during the late 30's by the private resources of the Rockefellers. It has since become a model village and an outstanding community in the drawing of tourist trade.

Dr. Vorwald, now director of research of Trudeau Foundation, was instrumental in the organization of the Saranac Lake Study and Craft Guild and during the recent war served with the U. S. Navy as a captain, chief of the medical sciences branch, Office of Naval Research.