Erected in honor of these men and women of Saranac Lake and vicinity who served their country in the World War, 1917 - 1918 Onlookers at the Berkeley Hotel crowd the reviewing stand across the square at a rainy-day parade welcoming home Saranac Lake's veterans of World War I. This unlabeled photo is from a commercial album assembled by photographer William Kollecker. Shooting local events, Kollecker would develop and print his film overnight, and by the next day, customers could order copy prints by number. Adirondack Daily Enterprise, May 21, 2011. Walter Weir unveils the Memorial, 1923. The Ames Cottage stands behind. Adirondack Daily Enterprise, November 5, 2005 Memorial of the Great War, 1923. Adirondack Daily Enterprise, August 28, 2004 Giles Bombard's position is marked Howard V. Littell's position is marked Sam Edelberg is at far right, front row The names of area veterans of World War I, known at the time as the Great War, are inscribed on a plaque, donated by Mrs. C.M. Palmer located at the triangle between River Street and Church Street in Saranac Lake, New York. The plaque reads

Erected in honor

of these men and women of

Saranac Lake and Vicinity

who served their country in the

1917 - World War - 1918

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Those names followed by a * were killed in the war.

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Copied, October 15, 1990, by Edna C. Finn, Historian, Town of Harrietstown, Saranac Lake, New York.

Service Roll of Honor — World War I — Town of Brighton

Name Entered Age Branch Organ Discharged
Frank Blanchard 5/27/1918 25 Machine Gun 2nd Anti Air. M.G. Bat. 3/7/1919
Harrison Benware 5/27/1918 29 Machine Gun 2nd Anti Air. M.G. Bat. 2/10/1919
John H. Blanchard 7/21/1918 21 Infantry Co. C, 348 Inf., 87th Div_ 3/20/1919
John V. Bryant 12/12/1917 31 Air Service 349 Aero Sq. 12/23/1918
Percy D. Bryant 12/12/1917 23 Air Service 221 and 141 Aero Sqs. 7/9/1919
Frederick W. Barnes   25 Navy    
George Halsey Brulliea 3/12/1918 23 Air Serviee Texas 6/20/1919
Arthur J. Downs 5/27/1918 26 Signal Corps 826 Field Sig. Bat. 7/3/1919
Richard J. Longtin 5/27/1918 30 Infantry Co. B, 2nd Pioneer Inf. 7/9/1919
Clarence H. Lyman 1/3/1918 24 Quartermaster Quartermaster at Large 7/3/1919
Herbert F. Lyons   26 Infantry Supply Co., 2nd Pioneer Inf., 207th M.P. Co. 1/7/1919
Charles I. Leavitt 5/27/1918 29 Med. Corps 37 Ambul. Corp., 6 San Tr.  
Gladys MacArthur 1/1918 30 Y.M.C.A.   8/1919
Randolph S. Martin 2/8/1919 22 Air Service 14th Balloon Co. 4/23/1919
King S. McDermid 1/3/1918 23 Mortor Trans. Corp. Co. A, 8 Reg. Div., Mort. Sup. Tra. 2/8/1919
Archibald K. MacDonald 5/27/1918 32 Infantry   6/10/1919
Oscar J. Otis 7/13/1918 20 Motor Trans. Corp. 707 Motor Trans. Co. 6/B/1919
Howard Otis 8/15/1918 21 Engineers Co. H, 2nd Eng. Regt. 12/18/1918
Roy A. Otis 5/10/1918 27 Machine Gun Co. B, 146 Mach. Gun. Bat., 5th Div. Died 12/2/1918 of wounds r'c'd in action
Archie B. Ormsby 10/23/1918 23 Infantry   12/27/1918
Bernard L. Paye 8/30/1918 30 Army Serv. Corp. 2nd Co. 2/18/1919
Thomas F. Riley 5/29/1917 24 Artillery 6th Reg., Coast Artillery Corps., Battery II 1/22/1919
Edward H. Russell 8/26/1918 30 Machine Gun 57th Mach. Gun Bat., 19th Div. 2/1/1919
Jerry E. Sawyer 8/7/1918 23 Artillery Co. B, 12th Ammunition Tran. 2/7/1919
Frank H. Sawyer 8/14/1917 23 Engineers Co. A, 10th Eng. Forestry, AEF 2/13/1919
Harry L. Strack 7/21/1918 21 Infantry Co. I, 59th Pioneer Inf. 7/8/1919
Christopher A. Smsey 10/5/1917 30 Air Service 149th Aero Pursuit Sq. 3/19/191b
George S. Tebo 11/4/1909 28 Infantry Headquarters Co., 50th Inf. 1/27/1919
Lillian Oliver Ziegler 10/24/1918 30 Res. Nurse Corp. U.S. Army Hosp. No. 41 4/13/1919
Spencer J. Rork 9/9/1918 21 Artillery Battery A, 13th Reg. F.A.R.D. 1/2/1919
Harry A. Paye 10/5/1917 27 Infantry 1st Co., 151 Depot Brigade 11/3/1917
Harold J. Newell 7/1/1918 22 Signal Corp. Co. C, 5th Train. Bat. 1/23/1919
Benjamin A. Muncil       N.Y. Wagoner Army  
Madison Muncil       Pvt., Co. A, 12 Ammo Tr. N. Y.  
Joseph J. Tucker       Pvt., Co. A, 2nd Anti Aircraft  

From The Brighton Story


A plaque in the Church of the Ascension at Saranac Inn lists these three men as having given their lives in the Great War, 1917-1919:

John Giraud Agar Jr.*

Harold Kidder Bulkley*

John Van Wicheron Reynders Jr.*


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