Born: 1849

Died: 1910

Married: Malina Robear

Children: Maggie Robear, Henry Robear, Mrs. Jennie Russell, Elsie [Mrs. John] Wheeler, Mrs. Moses LaBrake

Zebulon "Little Zeb" Robear (also Robare) was a guide at Paul Smith's hotel.  He lived in Gabriels and appears to have run a small hotel out of his house, Robare House, out of his home.  In 1887 he was elected Overseer of the Poor

In his small book, The Beloved Physician, Stephen Chalmers wrote that Zeb Robare "was asked by some ladies he was rowing the name of a certain mountain up here. 'That's Ampersand,' said Zeb. 'But, guide, how do you spell it?' 'Ah,' said Zeb, 'that's the hell of it. ma'am. I can climb it easy enough, but I could n't spell it to save my life!'"

From The Brighton Story, Geraldine Collins

Malone Farmer, August 7, 1912Franklin Gazette, March 10, 1882Little Zeb Robare had built a log building that served as his home and also a hotel. Known as the Robare House it was located on the corner of the main road and the Rainbow road. across from the Riley store. This came into use in the period from 1890 to 1910. Robare's had a daughter known as Mag, who often accompanied Zeb on his hunting and fishing trips. She became a guide eventually, a thing unheard of in this country. She was considered one of the mountain characters and after World War I always wore men's clothes.