Caribou Bill, left; Clint McDougal beside actress; Weir with white glove; Walt Kelly in cap and white socks

Born: 1894

Died: 1956



Clinton MacDougall was a guide who worked at Knollwood. He came here with TB. He acted in some of the silent films made in the village. He is buried in Pine Ridge Cemetery.

Adirondack Daily Enterprise, March 23, 1991


One dark and rainy night a wet, cold, and disconsolate doughboy was lamenting his predicament when he found himself trapped under fire in a muddy shell hole at the front. Suddenly, from another shell hole nearby, he recognized a familiar voice cursing his fate in a similar situation. Calling out across the darkness he yelled, "Hey is that you Dougal?" A reply came right back "I'll be d—ned is that you Walt?" Thus did two old buddies meet when Clint McDougal and Walter Weir made contact on a foreign battlefield far from home under most extraordinary conditions. Clint was a guide at Knollwood Club and Walt was a Saranac Lake policeman but apparently the two wound up in different companies while in France.