Edward Mulflur in the 1927 Canaras Address: 60 Kiwassa Road, on account of street name change

Old Address: 25 Maple Street (1911); 25 Riverside Drive, on account of street name change

Other names: Miss Gussie Schweid Cottage (1920s), Lorvey Cottage (1928), Lowery Cottage (1928), Lamy Cottage (1929), Loway Cottage (1930); DIS

Year built: about 1907


Other information: A boardinghouse-style cure cottage, dominated by an open veranda, glazed at both ends. There is an eight by eight-foot, glazed cure porch above the veranda on the south elevation accessible from a bedroom.

The house was registered as a private sanatorium operated as a boarding house by Mrs. William Mulflur in 1927, and by Sam Green in 1931. The house was probably built for E. Franklin Musselman who lived there from 1910 to 1915.

Musselman Cottage, September 1989,
North Facade
September 1989,
2nd Floor Porch South
Cure Porch view of Lake FlowerMusselman Cottage, September 1991,
North East Facade



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