This page is specifically for people staying in one of the Jussieu residences.

  • Arrival: Tell the cab you want o go to “Institut du monde arabe” and ask to be dropped on rue des Fossés Saint Bernard, just in front of the number 4 but on the other side of the street from number 4, right of the entrance of the ramp for an underground parking lot. With the rue des Fossés Saint Bernard behind you, you’ll see Institut du monde Arabe and the parking ramp on your left, a big fence a few meters in front of you, and tour 12 on your right, along with a bunch of construction stuff. At the bottom of tour 12 on the left of the door you’ll see an interphone, you need to scroll to  12 11 to get to the CROUS office. DO NOT attempt to get in tout 12 from the “Dalle de Jussieu” (that is Jussieu’s ground floor), it will not work: the tour 12 has 2 non path-connected parts.
  • For groceries, places like Franprix will deliver, the closest one is on 29 rue de Poissy. You can get fresh vegetables at the Marché Maubert every other day. The Marché Monge is also very close, and open when the Marché Maubert is not.
  • For household items, the shop Bü has an eclectic collection of nice-ish not too expensive stuff.
  • For upscale snacks try the café littéraire on the ground floor of the Institut du Monde Arabe, just in front of the Jussieu residences.