Gachon University Gil Hospital

Address (Korean)
 인천광역시 남동구 남동대로 774번길 21
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Address (English)

21, Namdong-daero 774beon-gil, Namdong-gu

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Appointments: 032-460-3213

(Your call will be greeted in Korean. If you speak in English,

the person speaking will switch to English)


24 hour hotline:  010-6272-9567 (English)



  1. Find out where your appointment is. Go to that floor, check in at the front desk/cashiers. Take a number from the number machine, and wait for your number to be called.  Give the receptionist your ARC and insurance card. You will have to sign a few documents, and prepay for your appointment. The receptionist will give you a receipt.
  2. Go to your department/doctor's office. Check in at the nurse's station, by giving them your receipt. They will take the perforated part of your receipt, and keep it.
  3. Take a seat, and wait for your turn. Depending on the department, you may be able to see your name and turn coming up on a screen.
  4. Get called into the doctor's office.
  5. After the consultation is over, exit the office, and take a seat again. The nurses will call your name after a few minutes, and give you a narrow slip of paper. This is for claiming your prescription.
  6. Go back to the front desk/cashier's. There are automated prescription machines and an ATM in the same area. Take the barcode on the narrow slip of paper, and scan it into the automated prescription machine. If the barcode doesn't work, type in the number.
  7. Pay for your balance (cash or credit card) on the machine. The machine will print out another receipt and two copies of the prescription. Leave the hospital.
  8. Take the prescription to a pharmacy, and buy your medication. There are several pharmacies outside the hospital.  The pharmacy will want both copies of the prescription. They will keep one copy, and return the other copy to you.


English services

The hospital runs an International Clinic on certain days of the week, only in the morning.  However, you can arrange to meet other specialists at other times. If the doctor needs assistance in English, they will telephone one of the international coordinators to translate.