Clearly evil abodes within the walls of this non-Mediterranean style house.

The Haunted Dollhouse or the Castle is a supposed haunted house located at 4822 Kron, Irvine CA, 92604 in The Ranch community of Irvine. Many iterations exist but rumor has it that while the owners Victor (in other versions Haym) and Olivia Ganish were in the process remodeling their house, Fern became insane and murder the couple's three children. In an attempt to hide the evidence, Victor is said to have buried the remains within the walls, somewhat explaining why the house is unfinished.

The truth however is perhaps even more disturbing than a double homicide conspiracy. Lacking a mandatory Home Owners Association, the Ganish's were free to remodel their typical conservative one story ranch house into a three story, 24 room, castle, occupying almost the entire lot. Beginning in 1982, work stopped in 1995 due to a lack of funds, leaving the house clearly unfinished.

Over the years legal action by the city has been taken against the Ganish's in an attempt to force them finish the home, be evicted, or demolish the home all together, claiming the property is unsafe. In 1995, demolish was scheduled until a Lake Forest strip club owner stepped in with funds and construction workers/strippers, as part of a publicity campaign, without any real working being done.

Although saved from demolition, to this day the house lacks drywall, plumbing and flooring, and has been observed in various states of occupation. Indeed there is something evil about this visually abrasive house reducing the property values of the neighborhood.


2010-08-04 00:13:55   I visited this house for Halloween Freshmen year at UCI. The truth is far more scary than stories ever could be. —Mateo

2011-01-24 20:00:07   This house is NOT haunted the story that Mrs. Ganish killed her children is not true...and PS she had 3 kids not 2! —Sheilstr

2011-02-01 23:15:11   Welcome to Irvine Wiki Shelistr and feel free to edit. Admittedly the only two sources I have on this matter are hearsay from Freshman year and an old OC Register article from 15 years ago. —Mateo