Hunger, Homelessness, and Christianity are all connected in Isla Vista



The Isla Vistan with a stable money supply will likely receive their food from a variety of sources. In Isla Vista there are plenty of fine eating establishments. Within those restaurants, there is quite a diversity of food options, varying in price and ethnicity, but in addition to the Restaurants, Isla Vista has a couple of super markets. IV Deli Mart and Isla Vista market currently serve all of Isla Vista's super market needs. Most Isla Vistans, at least those with access to a car, will also take advantage of the larger supermarkets located nearby in Goleta: namely Albertsons, Trader Joes, and Costco.

Below Average

The Isla Vistan without a stable money supply, in need of supplemental food, also has a variety of options. If a student, the Isla Vistan can take advantage of the AS food bank. Located upstairs at the University Center, their hours are Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday 9AM to 6PM. They offer all the staples of a healthy diet with fresh produce available on Mondays and Wednesdays. See for more information. Their website keeps updated  lists of all supplemental food distributions in the area.

See also: free food, showers, and laundry.


Homeless in IV should see Pescadero Lofts for more information on shelter in IV.


Self-described information on the churches that provide for the homeless and hungry in Isla Vista are listed below

St. Michael's University Church

St. Michael's is an inclusive, welcoming and progressive community 
in the heart of Isla Vista!

Light and Life Goleta

Light and Life church is a small, multicultural church serving the communities of Isla Vista and Goleta.

Isla Vista Church

Isla Vista Church is a family of believers who desire to transform the city of Isla Vista and influence the nations with the good news of Jesus Christ.