From a Daily Nexus coupon supplement (page 12)

New World Resources was a store at 6578 Trigo Road from 1969 until at least 1980. The above ad says "be good to our planet & our planet will be good to you."

Photo by Peter MeissnerIt catered to people interested in the "back to the land" movement, like the Whole Earth Catalog did, by selling tools and supplies.

A comment on Edhat said "The store sold what today is called survivalist products. If you wanted to get off the grid NWR&S was the place to go. Kerosene lamps (and the kerosene to burn in them), tons of books on alternative living, wood burning stoves, leather supplies; part of the Whole Earth concept. I loved the little workshop they had where they provided tools for working with leather and other crafts. Those were wonderful years!"

According to this guide, it was also called "New World Resource & Supply Co", and it purchased craft products from artists:

1980 Craftworker's Market

Later restaurants at this location

November 2014, by Jay Freeman (CC BY-SA)

A long time ago, this was the first location of Sam's To Go.

For a while this storefront was International Cafe, which closed in 2013.

Then it was Lovin Oven, a Mediterranean restaurant  run by a family.