November 2014, by Jay Freeman (CC BY-SA)

The Cantina was a Mexican restaurant open from 1986 to November 2016. They were famous for their breakfast burritos: "It has a magical combination of freshly scrambled eggs, delicious and simple spicy tomato salsa, seasoned rice, spanish potatoes, sour cream, and jack and cheddar cheeses all snug and warm inside a fresh flour tortilla."

Another description"The breakfast burrito doesn’t even have meat, which normally would have been a sticking point for me back in the day. But let me tell you, it doesn’t even matter. The potatoes are so rich and creamy and mixed with the cheese, spanish rice and perfectly cooked egg, meat would only ruin what could be considered natures perfect dynamic."

Another: "And as far as good breakfast burritos go, La Cantina is the place to find one. Flavorful eggs, delicious potatoes, melting cheese, rice, fresh salsa."

Yes, another: "One of the only things about Isla Vista that I have a soft spot for is the breakfast burrito from Cantina. It is one of the best in town. Let me rephrase: the best, anywhere. Rice, eggs, and potatoes. I always add in sausage, and douse it with hot sauce and their red salsa."

More"the chunky potatoes nestled against the soft buttery scrambled egg melded beautifully with the cheddar cheese...the salty crumbly bacon amplified the subtle yet well seasoned fluffy rice and the pico de gallo tasted like it came straight from abuelita's molcajete."

Their old sign got replaced by Coca Cola with a branded version in an IV-wide marketing push in 2012.

Contact Information

966 Embarcadero del Mar #C