November 2014, by Jay Freeman (CC BY-SA)

Buddha Bowls is a restaurant that mostly serves food in bread bowls, including "pizza bowls". You can also get tasty food in other forms (such as on salad greens) if you aren't really into bread. It opened in October 2013, founded by a UCSB alumnus.

Nexus review: "With a menu consisting of meaty and cheesy goodness, Buddha Bowls is meant to assuage the munchies. With a mentality of “take more breaks; surf more” and a wall graffitied with the phrase “pack a bowl,” Dunietz would be hard-pressed to find a better location for his restaurant."

From an article in The Independent"“It started with bagels. I wanted to call it Blunts and Bagels, a drive-through bagels and dispensary. And then it hit me I don’t think people should be driving high.” He scooped out some bagel, added hummus, and liked it, but realized the bagel wasn’t big enough. Then came bread bowls, whose tops, or “snaps,” as he calls them, can also be sold to the more carb-o-phobic."

From The Bottom Line: "In addition, those wanting to cut the carbs have the option of going breadless for any bowl. A perfect option for this is the Mellow Bowl, which serves fresh fruit, yogurt, and granola in a half melon."

Contact Information

901 Embarcadero Del Mar

Sun–Thu 10:00am–10:00pm

Fri–Sat 10:00am–2:00am

(805) 961-4555
Daniel Dunietz