Doing Business In the Ithaca Area

 The Business in the Ithaca Area page provides a focal point for summarizing information about doing business in the Ithaca Area and providing links to Ithaca Wiki and other web resources. There are numerous for-profit, non-profit, and government agencies that support economic development, business formation, business development and business resources. We will try here to help you "Drill Down" and find them. Ithaca Wiki can serve an important role by viewing the subject from a community perspective and by including information with no particular objective or point of view.To retain a Neutral Point of View we will not list for-profit business support companies (except for media, information, and education firms) on this page, but on their respective business category pages.
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Major Topics

Economic Development

    What does economic development mean to you, who is doing it, why are they doing it, how are they doing it? We hope to provide some answers by doing the research, summarizing the results and pointing you to the answers.

  • Your Benefits

  • The Players -

  • Major Emphasis

  • Resources

Business Formation

How do you convert a business idea into a business actuality? How do you turn your talent into your own take-home pay? Where do you start, what do you need to do, how much money do you need, who will help you, how do you promote and market yourself, etc.......??? Lots of questions - well, here is where you can go to find the answers !!

  • Entrepreneurs on - very full site with lots of material to drill down through

  • Entrepreneurial Software Development - info on software development for entrepreneurs

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  • Business Development

    We describe Business Development in terms of the information, process, tools, and activities related to growing, expanding, and improving a business enterprise (of any size). Here we hope to link you to information and resources in our area targeted at business development and not covered in some of our other topics.

    • Incubators - read about these critical resources for early-stage businesses with substantial potential

    Business Resources

    Resources for business owners, entrepreneurs, and those that support or encourage them.

    See also Small Business Resources

    Architecture & Construction, Book Stores, Carpets/Flooring, Companies/Printing, Companies/Packaging and Printing, Companies/Telecommunications, Computer Stores, Furniture, Hardware and Tools, Insurance, Moving & Storage, Realtors , Wholesale Clubs, Woodworking & Cabinetry

    Major Players

    Who are the major players in the Ithaca Area Business Community and what role do they play?

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  • Non-Profit Business Organizations/Alliances

    Non-profit organizations and alliances supporting the business community in our area.

    Membership Business Organizations

    Organizations providing support services to business members - normally requires membership fee.


    Government units supporting the business community at their level.

    • Tompkins County - [ Business Page] - links to lots of programs, resources and organizations.
      • City of Ithaca - [ Business Page] - [ Services], [ Other Business Info]

        Towns in Tompkins County

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    Villages in Erie County


    Educational institutions, schools, educational organizations, and other resources for business education and training.


    Media resources directed at the topic of business applicable to the Rochester Region. Further research for business articles and news see also links via Local Media.

    Ithaca Wiki Resources

    Special resources provided by Ithaca Wiki that are not listed in one of the previous categories.

  • Putting Your Business on Ithaca Wiki - Ithaca Wiki is a great place to provide basic information about your business - no matter how small or large. If you are in the Ithaca Area and have a product or service to offer, you should be here on Ithaca Wiki. Make a page, put in your basic information and link to your website for all the details, promotions, etc. Click on the link for more information and resources.

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  • Other Resources

    • - Drill down for LOTS of information
    • SCORE - Get Advice from Successful Business Advisors


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