Cheap Food, to some it means, "I have one dollar, what can I buy?" For others it means, "Am I getting a good value for my money?" Hence there are several different categories below, to satisfy all of the budget conscious eaters.


See Free Food

$.01 to $.99

$1.00 to $3.50

$3.50 and up

i.e., lots of food for meager amounts

  • Subway - 5 dollar footlongs, and 5 dollar meal deals
  • Pita Pit - $4.99 pita of the day which includes fountain drink, $4.50 for any pita and fountain drink after midnight
  • Apollo Chinese Restaurant - 5.50 for two entree plus rice or lomein dish, plus it includes all you can eat soup. Eat one soup there and then take one to go.
  • Dasan-J - $3.99 kim bap (korean sushi roll) or 12 dumplings both with miso soup, $3.99 Ramoyon Noodles with rice, and many other $3.99-$4.99 meals

Cheap Food Stores

at least, generally known for Cheap Food

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