Ithaca Area
The Ithaca Area may refer to a number of perspectives of the region including and surrounding the City of Ithaca and the Town of Ithaca, NY. These differing perspectives of the Ithaca Area infer a variety of geographic coverage. One might look at living & working, demographics, media coverage, service areas, and government entities.Finally, one might consider Ithaca's place within the concept of the 'Finger Lakes Region, Western, NY, and Upstate, NYOn the Ithaca Wiki you can start at the top county level with Tompkins and Cortland counties and see break downs by city, town, village, hamlet and neighborhood. The entities will contain information and links as well as data on attractions, businesses, dining and entertainment.

Living & Working

The Ithaca Area often means the area where people live and work. Sometimes they are referring to the City of Ithaca and its commuter suburbs, but that often transforms into people working in the suburbs and living in the exurbs. Because of our reliance on the automobile, the growth of the suburbs and exurbs has followed the road system rather than other modes of transportation. In addition, downtown Ithaca is less than 45 miles from the Corning/Elmira area and less than 55 miles from downtown Syracuse.


The Ithaca Area can be defined by the Census Bureau's Ithaca Metropolitan Statistical Area or more broadly by the Ithaca-Cortland CSA. This statistical treatment allows one to look at the defined area in terms of a number of data points.

Media Markets

The Ithaca Area could refer to the areas served by the Ithaca local media - newspapers, radio, and television outlets. Lots of data is gathered and managed by this "media market" definition.

Service Areas

The Ithaca Area might also refer to a variety of areas served by various government or nonprofit organizations. These definitions are usually very specific to the servicing unit and can vary from the immediate city area, to the county, to all of Western New York.

Government Entities

Where We Belong

Finger Lakes

New York State breaks down into named regions, with all of the greater Ithaca area falling within the Finger Lakes Region, purple area at right. Ithaca sits at the southern tip of Cayuga Lake, the longest of the Finger Lakes. As part of that region, one's focus extends west toward Rochester, north toward Syracuse, and south toward Corning. Regions

Western NY

Upstate NY


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