This is a guide to help those who want to live sustainably or more sustainably than they are currently living. Ithaca is one of the more Eco-Friendly cities in the United States. Accordingly, it has its fair share of sustainable housing solutions, Eco - friendly shops, restaurants, etc.

Sustainable Clothing: There are various ways to be sustainable when it comes to clothing. One way is to never buy clothing that you know you are never or rarely going to wear. If it is a special occasion garment you are interested in (like a gown or tuxedo) renting is good option. Using hand me downs from past family generations is also very sustainable. However, unless you make your own clothes, you will likely need to buy clothing at some point. To do this sustainably you can shop at second hand stores, vintage clothing stores that offer lightly used clothing, and even upscale re-constructed clothing shops. These shops use recycled materials and old clothes to create new fashionable garments. If one is to buy clothing that is not in some way recycled, looking for new clothes that advertise that they are not made in sweatshops or abide by fair trade practices can be a good compromise. Here is a list of places where you can find sustainable clothing choices.

Sustainable Eating: There are many options to sustainable eating in Ithaca. One option is to purchase local produce at the farmer's market and cook them up. However, if you don't have the time for this, check out Eco Friendly Eateries.

Transportation: There are many options for commuting in Ithaca besides driving a gas guzzling SUV. Some of the more sustainable transportation solutions include walking, bicycles, electric assist bicycles, taking the bus, Ithaca Carshare, etc.

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