Jackson MI was home to two Kroger stores since the 1970s. The first Kroger store, #172, located at 3021 E Michigan Avenue in Jackson, was opened in the summer of 1975 and was a smaller superstore style Kroger which did not feature usual Kroger staples such as a pharmacy, deli, sushi counter, etc. It had a small dairy, frozen and produce section and had not been remodeled since the early 1990s. A second Kroger store in Jackson opened in 1993 with the store number #680; on the west side of town inside a short lived former Kmart Supercenter. This Kmart Supercenter closed in 1992 and by 1993 was a Kroger much larger than the east Michigan avenue Kroger. This Kroger features all the usual Kroger departments and now features a large gas station outside the parking lot. In December 2017, Kroger Co announced that the east Michigan avenue store would permanently close in April 2018 with a majority of it's staff being transfered to the other Kroger across town while some were laid off. The store started a liquidation sale in February 2018 and on April 7th 2018 was the final day open to customers after nearly 45 years of operation. Currently, the former east Michigan avenue Kroger sits empty and abandoned, although in January 2021 rumors started with the Blackman Township Council members that Aldi was interested in obtaining the site, although nothing has been announced.


Kroger #172, 3021 E Michigan Avenue.