Illegal dumping the in the Jervis Bay and Basin area is a big problem throughout the community.  It is a big problem because it makes our beautiful and scenic areas ugly, and can contaminate the once delightful  and popular tourist locations with toxic chemicals.  Illegal dumping and garbage (such as tree limbs, grass cuttings and leaf piles). Clutter can give unwanted animals such as snakes and poisonous spiders more hiding holes to live in.  Wastage takes up walkways, making people have to walk around the dispersal of junk. The rubbish can leek into storm drains causing blockage, and can also be hazardous towards wildlife.
The reasons why illegal dumping happens is usually due to the large tip fees that are given out to the people who take their unwanted rubbish to the tip and/or dumpsites. Illegal dumping is also a problem caused by the long distance between the location of the tip and the housing areas.  Another reason could well be because of the laziness of the people within the wide community.  The council have decided that they will no further be picking up our wastage, therefore, there is no council pick-up days.  
The solution of this community wide problem could be fixed if the council would stop giving people fee's for dropping off their wastage at the tip. To stop the illegal dumping people should go along with it and pay until the council stops and/or lowers the dumping fee prices.