Jervis Bay Zombie Attack Emergency Response Guide

Characteristics of zombies: Zombies are slow, they cannot climb, they cannot swim or use opposable thumbs. It easy to tell the difference between a zombie and human. They are not intelligent but have good have good hearing and vision.
Signs that somebody is a zombie: Their eyes will change colour and become bloodshot, skin will also become loose around their eyes. They cannot communicate (You will only hear a groan or grunt  in response). Their skin will lighten and look dull and decayed. They will have promenant veins, bones and muscles.
If you are caught at home: Quickly pack as much food and weapons as you can fit in your bag/rucksack. When the time is right (quiet and few zombies in sight) make a move and head towards the nearest supply shop if you are running low on supplies.
What to pack:
-Reusable tea towel (wash in creek or at beach, etc)
-Food (don't grab can's if you don't have a can opener)
-Weapons (anything you can find that would be effective)
-Bottled or fresh water (you can also purify dam or creek water)
-Medicine/bandages, bandaids if you happen to blisters, etc.
-Lighter or box of matches
-Rucksack to carry items
-Warm clothing (Jumpers, coats)
-Sleeping bag (if you have one)

Should you stay or go?: Depending on stock piles of food and if you have weapons (Gardening tools and kitchen utensils are useful). Chainsaws are loud and will draw attention from nearby zombies or people. If you stay you are in danger of being attacked by zombies (even if your house is secured). You will also need adequate stock piles of food and water, as well as weapons if you are planning to stay indoors.
Leaving the house would be the best option.
Building a team early: Don't put too much trust in anyone, they may not be truthful to the group. It is better to be in a group then be by yourself with no protection. If you have a bad gut feeling about someone don't stick with them.
Finding food and water: The best chance of finding food and water is at your local food store. Otherwise, you can make do with finding fresh water in a river- If the water from the river is muddy and/or dirty, you can always purify the water the water of germs and bacteria by placing it into a container/pot and boiling it over a fire.
How do you kill a zombie in case of emergency: Always aim for the brain, if you have a blunt object repeatedly hit the zombie with it- Using a knife or sharp object would be preferable, always a carry a knife.
pet's- Pro's and Cons: Horses are great form of transportation as they are quiet and don't make as much noise as a car or motorbike. You can also attach your weapons and gear to the saddle. -If you don't have time to put a saddle on your horse, go bare-back.
what to do if you get bitten: If you recently get bitten, you must chop off the area of where the infection is, so it does not spread throughout the blood stream to the rest of your body. remember to cauterize the wound and wrap with dressing.