Indonesian Muslims pray five times per day, facing Mecca in Saudi Arabia, according to the position of the sun. Prayer rooms, called mushola, are found throughout public buildings, offices, malls, and airports. Women and men have separate mushola. The times listed below are the official times for call to prayer in Jakarta (times vary slightly throughout Indonesia). Mosques, or masjid, issue a call to prayer over a loudspeaker at these times below. The calls to prayer are delivered in Arabic and are sometimes recordings, sometimes live. On Friday afternoons, many Muslims take an extended salat. Government offices, schools, and some shops have an extended lunch break on Fridays to accommodate this.

Salat times for Jakarta, June 2014:

4:47 AM 6:01 AM 11:55 AM 3:17 PM 5:48 PM 6:59 PM

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Mosque in Sudirman Central Business District, 2014