The Give Kids the World Village is a resort just outside Walt Disney World Property where children and their families with critical conditions can visit Central Florida for a free week-long vacation. The Village is based off of storybook settings and includes a gym, a spa, pool, ice cream parlor, fishing pond, the main dining hall, and a variety of outdoor, low impact entertainment options. All of these locations have their own whimsical design, intended to give the families a chance to escape from the every-day. The Give Kids the World Village works in partnership with multiple organizations in order to provide these amazing experiences. The organizations include, but are not limited to: Walt Disney World Resort, IAAPA (International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions), Universal Orlando Resort, Perkins Restaurant and Bakery, and SeaWorld Parks and Resorts. The resort offers transportation and tickets to and from the local theme parks. The resort also makes accommodations for the families at the resort as well, providing them with premier access to all of the park's offerings. 


The Village was created in 1989 after a family attempting to plan a vacation for their terminally ill daughter ran out of time due to the complexities of planning a trip like this. So something like this would never happen again, founder Henri Landwirth created the Give Kids the World Foundation, a vacation booking agency fully dedicated to plan all-expenses paid trips to Central Florida. As their following grew and more families found out about their services, Landwirth decided to create the Village. It was originally 31 acres just south of Disney property, but now has expanded to a beautiful 84 acres and can house 166 families. Families from all over the world come to the Village to receive top of the line accommodations, one of a kind support, and magical experiences. 

Ol' Elmer

The Magic of the Village

Within the resort, there are many experiences for children of all ages to enjoy! When the families arrive at the resort, they first visit the “House of Hearts”. This not only functions as the 24-hour guest service center and check in, but also as the introduction to the fun and unique world of the Give Kids the World Village. They then travel through a variety of wonderfully designed houses and hotels to their very own magical home. In the front yard, there will be a sign welcoming them home! Once they are settled in, they can go visit the Mayor’s house and see his garden, they can go ride the carousel or play putt-putt. They also offer some fun and safe carnival rides or visit Amberville, an interactive train station and arcade. They can take in a movie, catch the wheelchair-accessible train, or even talk to a tree! There is also a gift shop and a chapel on site for family’s every need. 

Each day, the Village offers a wide variety of activities to bring together families from all over the world. It changes every day, so no matter when the family arrives, they will get to experience all the magic Give Kids the world can offer. They can even dress as their favorite prince or princess at the Friday night party or compete in the Village Idol. The Village also loves the holidays! The Give Kids the World Village offers special entertainment offerings for Halloween and Christmas. In the Halloween season, children can trick-or-treat at a spooky Halloween party! During the winter holidays, the Give Kids the World is transformed into a winter wonderland in the comfort of Central Florida. Including sleigh rides, presents, a parade and even Santa Claus, the Village gives the families a once-in-a-lifetime Christmas. 

Staying at the Give Kids the World Village is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, as families are only permitted to stay there once in order to give as many families the chance to visit as possible. While at the Village, the families are issued their tickets as well as food tickets to use while eating on property. The only things they require payment for is if the families wish to purchase anything from the gift shop during their visit. They receive three-day park hopper tickets to Walt Disney World, two-day park to park passes for Universal Studios Orlando, and a one day ticket to SeaWorld per person in the party. These can be used at any time during their one week stay. 


The Village is funded not only by large donors, it is also mainly funded by small donations made by local patrons and their events. The Give Kids the World Foundation holds fundraiser events in the Central Florida area frequently, inviting former families, new families, and local guests to come, enjoy the resort or another partner’s location, and mingle. In addition to the price of admission, the guests are encouraged to donate to the Foundation in order to provide for more families to have their child’s wish fulfilled. Last year, the Give Kids the World Foundation put 93.1 cents of every dollar of donations towards making magic for more families. This includes housing costs, park tickets, transportation, food, and many other aspects to give families the best experience possible. Donations are never expected, however are always greatly appreciated. 

Please visit the Give Kids the World Village Website if you would like to donate.

COVID-19 Precautions

Currently, the Give Kids the World Village is closed until further notice due to the theme park closures in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. As a precaution to the families, the children, and the staff, the Village will remain closed until it is safe to reopen. In addition to the closure of the resort, many of the staff members were laid off to preserve the Foundation, leaving only 28 on staff to maintain the resort until it can reopen. In this trying time, the Village is fully relying on donations in order to come back better than before. Please look on their website as we move through these unprecedented times for more updates regarding the status of the resort.