Kitchener-Waterloo has many weird little things that only the locals know about but one of the most confusing for new comers or visitors is the many directions and intersections of King Street and Weber Street.

There is a Weber Street East, West, North and South:

  • Weber Street North starts by the St. Jacobs' Market and continues to the intersection at Erb Street East
  • Weber Street South starts at Erb Street East and continues to the Kitchener-Waterloo boundary (near Union St)
  • Weber Street West starts at the Kitchener-Waterloo boundary (near Union St) and continues to Queen St N
  • Weber Street East starts at Queen Street and ends at Fairway Road North

King Street does the same things, but extends into St Jacobs in the north, and into Cambridge (Preston) in the south-east.

​Weber Street and ​King Street are mostly parallel to each other but they do cross three times.

  1. Weber Street North and King Street North (Near St. Jacobs)
  2. Weber Street North and King Street North (Near Columbia Street)
  3. Weber Street East (also known as old king) and King street (Near Fairway Road)