Healthy neighbourhoods mean healthy communities, and this starts with you and your neighbourhood! 

Festival of Neighbourhoods is a supportive incentive program that builds connections and celebrates neighbourhoods by encouraging community members to organize inclusive activities that bring neighbours together and then brings neighbourhoods together to celebrate community.

Through Kitchener's Festival of Neighbourhoods program - founded by the city, the Social Planning Council of Kitchener-Waterloo and John MacDonald Architect - we encourage you and your neighbours to plan activities, projects or events in your neighbourhood - ones that bring people together and are open to everyone. 

Some events of projects neighbourhoods have done in the past include:

  • Meet and greets

  • Block games night

  • Take your block for a walk

  • Community litter pick-up

  • Potluck desserts

  • Community barbecue

  • Plant exchange

Building friendships and good relationships among neighbours is an important part of creating a resilient community. Getting to know the people who live around you makes the community safer, one where people look out for each other. It's much easier and environmentally friendly to borrow something from the neighbors.  It's much easier to create, agree on, and apply neighborhood boundaries when neighbours know each other and the children as well