Hi-Way Market has changed over the years... from a two story department store in the 50's- 80's to a Zehr's store today. 

Hi-Way Market, Kitchener was established (late 1950's?) in what was then deemed the outskirts of Kitchener, called "Centreville". This was done to escape the Kitchener by-law that prohibited late-night shopping.. The proprietor, Ralph Kraft, originally had a grocery store, "Central Market" not to be confused with the current "Central Fresh Market" still in Kitchener - and built the "Hi-Way Market." The place was basically ahead of its time- it sold everything and a lot - the Costco of the 60's & 70's. Eventually Kraft sold the business to Dominion Stores. Dominion Stores was connected to Conrad Black and his companies. Black took "possession" of the Dominion stores employees pension plan funds and converted them to his own use. The unionized employees had to go to court to get their funds back and (after about 10 years?) they succeeded.  Dominion Stores decided to close the Hi-Way Market.

For Fun here is a Hi-way Market commercial from December 1985 - Toy Commercial