The wireless password is stiegler

The first Kitchener Wiki workshop: a 2 day affair at the Critical Media Lab on May 23 and 24th, 2012.


How are we doing? See a chart of our progress.

Check out the tag cloud.

Handy links for working on the wiki:

Help and even more helpful, the localwiki usage guide with help on editing, adding photos, and more

Workshop Day 1 Plan


  • What is a local wiki?
    • ​Look at some examples.
    • How does it work?
    • Sharing content & open licenses
  • What can we do with a local wiki that makes it different than other resources already online?
  • What unique content can we create for new visitors that will make it immediately valuable?


  • Create a user account
  • edit your user page
  • Add yourself to the People page
  • start making some edits and creating pages! Use the Templates where appropriate.

Before tomorrow:

Workshop Day 2 Plan

  • Any questions or issues come up over the last day?
    • Who can help?
  • Some cool advanced wiki stuff
    • tags - descriptive and for requests
    • inserts
    • etc
  • Some worktime
  • What do we need to best move forward?
    • Overview page
    • what we're working on... how to contribute page.
    • Create a plan and assign people and dates.
    • Reach out to Waterloo Historical Society?
  • Celebrate!

Ideas for pages

Share what you know.  Make pages for all of the places, businesses, and events that you care about.  Don't worry about documenting the entire community, just focus on things that matter to you.

Here's some ideas to get your started. Feel free to add or edit.

And beyond!

  • Carry around a camera.
  • Commit to making edits every day about things you're passionate and knowledgeable about for the next 5 days.
  • Some tips on launching and sustaining a local wiki