Duck Donuts; photo from Duck Donuts website. 


Duck Donuts is a doughnut shop that serves fresh, made to order doughnuts to all of its customers. With multiple locations all over the east coast, Duck Donuts has become an expanding franchise as they continue to expand to more locations, such as Pittsburgh, PA and Atlanta, GA, in the eastern part of the country. The first Duck Donuts was opened in Kitty Hawk, NC, in 2007 by founder, Russell A. DiGilio. 


Founder of Duck Donuts, Russell DiGilio, grew up visiting the Outer Banks for years with his family. When they realized that the area was lacking a place where they could get freshly made doughnuts, DiGilio and his partner at the time, Robin Griffith, took it upon themselves to bring one to the area.

After planning, investigating and trying different recipes, they came up with Duck Donuts. They got the name from the town of Duck, NC, in the northern Outer Banks and opened their first store in Kitty Hawk, NC, in 2007. The menu on their website says that they were established in 2006. The first Duck Donuts franchise opened in Williamsburg, VA, in 2013. 


Duck Donuts offers a wide variety of coatings, toppings, and drizzles. With 11 different coatings, seven different toppings, and four different drizzles, customers have the opportunity to make their doughnuts to their liking and have them made to order. Customers can order various amounts of doughnuts, with sizes ranging from a "Flock" of six, to a "Donut Quackage" that can serve 100 people.