Original Tommy's (usually referred to as Tommy's) is a fast food chain endemic to Los Angeles. They specialize in chili-topped, greasy fast food. They sell hamburgers, hot dogs and french fries.

The first location opened at the corner of Beverly Blvd and Rampart Blvd in Westlake on May 15, 1946, by Tommy Koulax. It still stands today at the same location. It was originally just the stand portion that sits right on the corner.

Today, Tommy's has 34 locations and is headquartered in Monrovia. FOr a time, it was headquartered in Glendale. It's now run by Mr. Koulax's family.


A ladle or two of Koulax's signature chili tops nearly every available menu item, even the breakfast sandwich. Original Tommy's chili is a mixture of an all-beef chili con carne base, flour, water, and a "secret" blend of spices, and resembles a condiment more than a conventional bowl of chili. The flour-water mixture allows the chili to "set up" and adhere to the burger or fries. All the chili is made to exact specifications and is the same in each location.


Original Tommy's was once just Tommy's. It was beloved as such. So beloved that a great number of enterprising folks decided to catch some of the love. Driving around LA, you may see restaurants such as Tommie's, Thomas', Tom's, Tom's Super Burgers, and on and on. They all use red and yellow as their colors, and most of them serve chili. They also have widely varying menus, quality and cleanliness. Thrillist compiled a partial list of these imitation Tommy's locations which they incorrectly labeled as complete. There are more fake Tommy's than could ever fit in one article.