There are several libraries available on campus at the University of California, Los Angeles, located in the Westwood area. 

A map of all campus libraries


  • Requirements: The general public may use the online library catalog and subscription resources from designated public computers within the library.
  • Limits: Not intended to be used for general internet access
  • Printing: Black and white printing costs $.11 but requires the use of a Bruincard.  Library visitors can purchase a visitor BruinCard at the BruinCard machines in several main libraries.  The cost is fifty-eight cents, and the machines accept cash only. The cards are reusable, and value can be added to them at any library or campus BruinCard machine.  Visitor BruinCards can also be used for purchases at campus locations and more than twenty businesses in Westwood that accept the BruinCard.  However, refunds cannot be issued for any money left on a visitor BruinCard when the user is finished