High Business Turnover Issues

An article from August 23, 2016 discusses high turnover patterns in the past couple of decades. The article also discusses East Lansing City Council focus on parking fees and parking meters, and making the parking operation profitable.


Refocusing on Michigan Avenue Corridor?

In early 2015, Mark Grebner was quoted in the Lansing City Pulse as stating that:


'“There’s almost no new suburban sprawl,” he said. “No new platts.”

That’s a signal “that we’re moving away from that to an intensification of the Michigan Avenue corridor,” he said.'





Supporting BRT

The CATA BRT is discussed here: https://cata.org/About/Bus-Rapid-Transit


Opposition to BRT

Some people in East Lansing and Lansing areas oppose the CATA BRT

Source: http://lansingcitypulse.com/article-13370-Booing-the-buses.html

Facebook "Stop CATA's BRT" page https://www.facebook.com/groups/716263501850108/