Use this page to find (and record) the best public wifi spots on the Leelanau Peninsula


Use this page to record real-world speed tests of coffee-shop and other public wifi locations.  Please edit this page and add your own entries! Instructions below.

Wifi Speeds

Business or Location (include wiki link)

City Wifi Hotspot (SSID) Password? Ping Speed Download Speed Upload Speed Date Tested Notes
Leland Public Library Leland Library Public   15ms 24.62 Mbps 3.33 Mbps June 25, 2015 Acceptance of user agreement required. Charter Internet


How to do a Speed Test

  1. Make sure you're connected to the hotspot you want to test.
  2. Go to
  3. Begin the Test
  4. Record the result
  5. (If you're ambitious) For better accuracy, do it twice and average the results

Add Your Entry to the Table Above

  1. Use Edit button at the top of this page
  2. The table does not auto-sort. Please put your entry in A-Z order.
  3. To add a new row, put the cursor in the table, right-click, and insert a new row above or below.
  4. Record your results in the table.
  5. Be sure to link your place name to the corresponding Arborwiki page, even if it doesn't exist yet. If you have time, you can create a new one using the Restaurant or Business templates. 
  6. If the download speed is lower than 1 Mbps, you can mark the row in red. Select the row, choose Cell -> Cell Properties -> Cell Background.
  7. Thanks for helping others out!


Notes on Accuracy

Wifi speed can be affected by a lot of factors, and simple things like the number of people using the single connection and where someone sits in the coffee shop will have an effect. So while the numbers on the chart aren't exact and could vary if tested again, the resulting chart may still be useful to identify generally the best and worst relative to other locations.


This page copied shamelessly from Arborwiki !