Basic Background

Claiborne Farm is a world renowned horse farm located in Paris, KY. Located about 20 miles outside of Lexington, KY, Claiborne Farm is home to great thoroughbred stallions such as Blame and War Front. Claiborne is where Secretariat retired to and was eventually laid to rest, just outside of the breeding shed. For over 100 years, they have been "doing the usual, unusually well".

Touring Claiborne

Visitors can schedule tours that are offered daily, year-round. On a tour, you will be lead by a groomsman who spends every day with the horses you will see. You can see all of the stallions Claiborne has and learn about the breeding process as well as visit the cemetery. Buried at the cemetery is the most famous racehorse of all time, Secretariat. At the visitor center, located at the front of Claiborne, guests have the opportunity to purchase unique merchandise only available to those who visit the farm in person. 

Who is Behind Claiborne Farm?

Claiborne has been in the Hancock family's hands for the past 100 years. The current president is Walker Hancock, following in his father's footsteps. Seth Hancock is the outgoing president of Claiborne Farm, which he still is co-owner with his sister, Dell Hancock. The General Manager of Claiborne Farm is Bradley Purcell.

Walker Hancock- President of Claiborne Farm   Seth Hancock- Past President of Claiborne Farm  Bradley Purcell- Manager of Claiborne Farm