TODO: This page should describe the interlinked computer networks of Lincoln. That includes ISPs, private networks, coffee shop wifi access points, mesh networks, etc.

Here in Lincoln, most residential internet customers use either Time Warner or Windstream.

There are some locally-owned ISPs available.

Here are the ISPs listed in the Lincoln yellow pages (Windstream March 2014). These aren't necessarily local, and this list certainly isn't exhaustive. It's a start.

Affordable Internet Solutions 402 817-1717 Lincoln, NE
Binary Net 402 742-7042 132 S 13th St, Lincoln, NE
Charter Communications 888 619-5194
EarthLink 888 534-7085
Flatwater Communications 402 742-6760 Lincoln, NE
Future Technologies Corp 866 995-0410 134 South 13th St, Ste 303, Lincoln, NE
Internet Nebraska 402 434-8680 1719 N Cotner Blvd, Ste B, Lincoln, NE
NT&T (Nebraska Technology & Telecommunications) 402 858-1936 Lincoln, NE
Unite Private Networks, LLC 402 817-1394
Windstream 800 347-1991