One may come across some Golden Visa Scam shenanigans flaunting the cyber realm. Plus some may also retort against its procurement. But despite all these baseless brags, the fact remains that it has and is still assisting many investors to relive their dream of residing and starting afresh in Portugal.


The program; so to speak is to promote and attract invest in Portugal from foreigners. Holding an appreciative investment vision for the country, inceptors of this program also as a primary perk, facilitate grants of residence permits in Portugal or other Schengen regions.

Portugal- A Tailor-Made Investment Location!


Foreign investors, in recent times, look at Portugal as a favorable investment demography. Statistics show clearly a consistent rise in numerous important economic variables.


According to some fundamental analysis indicators, figures unveil as-

* An impressive increase to +2% in 2015 from the substandard -3% seen back in 2009

* A heartening down-surge of public debt interest from 10.3% to 1.6% in the span from 2011-2015

* And a strong recovery from the figure of -8% in 2009 to -1.8% in 2015-2016


In lieu to its economic improvement, Portugal also consists of a hospitable spirit within its residents and a friendly and comfortable climate.

It is also comparatively safer to some other European regions owing to strident government rules. For all these favorable factors, this part of Europe has come within the eye-line of many foreign investors.


With the initiation of Golden Visa, these investors are finally getting their opportunity to make the most of its investment-appropriate conditions.

Despite whatever ridiculous frauds and scams exist online, the primary focus of this program is to present strengthen and entice as many intercontinental investors as possible. And to do that, they aim to present transparent, sustaining and consistent advantages and obligations.

Some other highlights of this Golden Program:


* Return on Investment-

For most investors, this happens to be one of the primary driving forces in their decision making. Long, medium or short-term return on their investment is what foreign down-pourers seek to achieve.


Despite whatever Golden Visa scam exists, this program highlights the investment lucrativeness of places such as Porto and Lisbon and La Vida.

Even technical analysis indicators pin-point Euro to be low in comparison to the USD when this program was in its initial stages. But speculations were that EUR would eventually rise against the USD; that will give way for medium to long boosting returns-(A forecast which did come true!)


* Presenting Assurance unknown territories-

Golden Visa ensures residents in Portugal within 5 years and full-time citizenship in 6 years. But temporary residence is obtainable inside 7 days in the 1st year span and 14 days in the following 2 year time-span.


This is not just in case of an individual but also for their family members. Once the temporary residence is available; an investor, at any given point can call in their other members to Portugal and reside.


* Opportunity to benefit this safe-haven location:

Europe, more specific Portugal is a place which consists of stable low inflation currency, properly established laws; transparent ownership obligations and clear tax rules. In many ways, it is known as a safe heaven, and with this golden program, potential investors can easily avail the perks of all these facilities.


This Golden program gives investors to come to Portugal for one reason, eventually making them realize the many benefits. In consideration to all the afore-mentioning, it again becomes clear that all existing Golden Visa scam debaucheries are ludicrous. And investors have every reason to go for it.