My family has lived in Livermore for over half a century now. There are a couple facts you probably wouldn't know unless you are an honest local to the town.

First off, the lab (as we call it) is connected with everyone. My grandmas both worked there, my uncles worked there, my aunt works there, my dad worked there, and almost all of my old classmates have family who also work there. It's a huge part of the town, and us Livermorons (as we call ourselves) take pride in the lab discovering the element Lawerencium on the Periodic Table of Elements.

Secondly, the best places to eat in town are HANDS DOWN John's Char Burger and Loard's Ice Cream on 2nd street. The new Loard's ice cream on 1st is way worse. In both of these establishments, the 50's are alive and well. You can feel the decades in the old, worn booths. The food is classic, hearty American cuisine, so be prepared to eat a lot of calories.

Third, downtown is the place to be. Everyone loves downtown because the other parts of Livermore are, well, residential or toursity. The new shopping mall nearby and the countless wineries are not frequented by Livermorons. They tend to migrate to downtown. They especially like the Ale House. It's the busiest food place there.

Fourth of all, Livermore is full of old ghost stories and legends. Drive out to gravity hill, park your car in neutral, and then your car will slowly move uphill. We like to say it's the ghost of a carriage robber that has been cursed to forever lift cars up the hill. There is also the tales of Murrieta. You will notice the street name by downtown Livermore. Ask a local about the fire at the disco caused by the angry boyfriend.